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Thinking about starting a podcast? Applications for our Fellowship Program are now open!

Stream PDX Podcast Fellowship Application

Welcome to the first Stream PDX Fellowship application! We are running this fellowship to help amplify voices that aren't often heard.

Throughout the course of the fellowship program, Fellows will work closely with Stream PDX staff to receive audio engineering, editing, and publishing support to record and publish a season of their podcast from February through April 2018.

This is not a technical training program. This is a program for people who have ideas and the ability to write and produce creative content to get their content published as a finished podcast. Stream PDX staff will help you get started recording in the studio, and will handle editing and publishing of the audio to turn it into a podcast.

To apply for this fellowship, you should have an idea for a podcast that you want to produce. If you'll be interviewing other people, you should have an idea of who you will talk to or how you'll find those people.

Applications close January 31, 2018.

Any questions? Feel free to email us at

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What is your name?

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What is the idea for your show?

Will you have additional hosts besides yourself?

Tell us about yourself or your group

That's it, you're done! Thank you so much for applying -- we'll be in touch before the end of January.

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