STREAM PDX is a community podcast and storytelling studio.

You are invited to share your XOXO story

We had an amazing time recording stories at the XOXO festival and we are continuing to collect them.

Contact us to come down to the studio and be interviewed, (we are in Portland Oregon in the XOXO Outpost) or record your own!

Record your own.

You can contribute your own XOXO stories by recording yourself and sending us the audio file!

On an iPhone, you can use the built-in "Voice Memos" app to record, and on Android, you can use "Easy Voice Recorder" or another voice recording app.

Email it to us at along with a photo or two.

About the project.

photo credit: ryn.fka.kaje

XOXO is something special. Those who've had a chance to attend one of the five years of festivals will attest to this.

From its inception as a crowdfunded experiment created by two ambitions guys in Portland. To the vibrant conversations happening in 186 Slack channels. To the daily manifestation of the festival vision and values in a 30,000 SQ foot warehouse next to a bread factory. The XOXO community has grown and deepened over time, becoming something beyond just four amazing days in the fall.

STREAM PDX our community podcast studio is kicking off at what could be the final XOXO festival. So it's a perfect time to invite the community into the studio to share their stories of XOXO: Past, Present, and Future.

Enabling and promoting the use of audio as a medium for self-expression and the transferring of ideas.
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