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Podcast Challenge

🎉 we did it!! 🎉

Thanks to everyone who came to the fundraiser! Thanks to you, we reached our goal of raising over $4000 to put towards our studio development, moving costs, and 2017 programming!

On December 10, 2016, we hosted a podcast challenge where groups created an episode of a podcast in just one day! That evening, during our fundraiser party, we screened the episodes for the whole crowd!

Below are the episodes that were created during the course of the podcast challenge day!


by Aaron Parecki

Did You Know?

by Becky Meiers, Anna Walsh, and Char Nair

The Future will be What We Make of It

by Nick Keenan and Aaron Flores

Goodbye Baby

by Becky Meiers, Anna Walsh, Char Nair, and Nick Keenan

Our Travels

by Leyland Johnson and Deshawn Fontleroy

Request For Leave

by Tom Flynn and Stewart Rice
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