STREAM PDX is a community podcast and storytelling studio.

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Independent creator rates are 50% off during our introductory period!
independent creator
$50 $25 /month
6 month membership
$75 $37.50 /month
6 month membership
$50 $25
/twice annually
Sessions $25ea $12.50ea
Pack of 5: $90 $45
2 sessions a month
4 sessions a month
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business supported creator
$100 /month
6 month membership
$150 /month
6 month membership
$100 /twice annually
Sessions $40ea | Pack of 5: $150

Member Benefits

Becoming a member of Stream PDX first and foremost let you reserve time in the studio, which includes 4 Sennheiser E385s, studio headphones, and a Zoom R16 multitrack recorder.

Beyond just studio time, a Stream PDX membership gets you access to a vibrant community of like-minded storytellers. We offer both formal and informal training and community-building opportunities that are only available to Stream PDX members, both onsite and online. We also run special projects like the Stream PDX Fellowship, an incubator for creating more podcasts from voices we aren't currently hearing.

Not sure yet? That's okay! We have meetups every month for members and the greater audio community to gather, talk recording and podcasting, and generally make friends. This is a great time to take a tour and meet the Stream PDX community. You can check out our calendar to register for the next one, see the studio in person, and come say hi!

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All proceeds from memberships will go to subsidize the memberships for those who need it, operating costs, educational programs, and special community projects.

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